Product Launch Formula Review – The Instant Money Machine

Do the Online Business and Product Launches Still Work?

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Most people who hear about internet marketing and then find Product Launch Formula hear about the million-dollar day launches and dream of that.

However, in reality, the money you make from even a big single launch is nothing in comparison to what you have added to your long term business.

In this post, you’ll discover the three main outputs of a big launch: positioning in your market; the perpetual business launch; and long-term partners and syndicates who will ramp your business up 10x over.

Positioning can literally be overnight. Even if you only sell say 500 products at $20 and make $10,000 .. sure, that’s $10,000 of sales in a day but there are costs to pay and affiliate commissions too, maybe.

But if 500 people have bought from you, chances 5,000+ people have seen some of your pre-launch content or heard your name mentioned somewhere in conversation or on the net.

Which suddenly gives you massive positioning overnight to reach out to new joint venture partners, affiliates, speak at events, or get people to be your loyal fans and promote your products and answer objections for free.

To the next time you do a launch, you are suddenly coming from a much greater position of authority – you have people who know your name and associate it with great products, they’ve seen people buy your products and you have 500 people who should be willing to give you a testimonial. In other words, your next launch is going to be bigger.

This positioning leads on to the perpetual business launch. If you keep on launching your product to different selections of your main list and produce a business, not just a once-off cash injection. Jeff Walker will show you exactly how to do that in PLF 2018 – get it here with my Product Launch Formula bonus package.

Finally, you will usually find 2-5 very good connections from a launch who will want to get involved in your business. Whether this is investors, mentors, JVs etc – launching a product will usually produce a great little mastermind of individuals WHO APPROACH YOU with some sort of help offered!

Remember – think long term in your product launch formula plans.

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